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Open Thread: Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers (Preseason)

WE MADE IT! For the first time since 2014 (yes, seriously), the San Diego Chargers will get to go up against an NFL team in a matchup to see who can get injured the least. FOOTBALL!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back and I am AMPED. Well, as amped as one can be for a preseason game in which the starters will probably play one series and the second stringers will be out before half time. Which is to say....pretty amped!

Lots of fun things to look for tonight:

  • How will Melvin Gordon look in his first NFL action? Remember that Ryan Mathews looked incredible during his preseason games as a rookie!
  • Will Donald Butler give a shit? Will Eric Weddle?
  • How many times will the referees consider calling the game in favor of the Chargers to keep D.J. Fluker from murdering another defensive lineman on a run play to the right side?
  • Who can stay the least injured?
  • How bad will the pass rush look against Brandon Weeden and the best (or maybe now second best!) offensive line in the league?
  • How much will we all miss having Billy Ray Smith in the broadcast booth?

All of this and more! I'm going to kick off this open thread an hour before the kick off of the actual game in hopes that we've all gotten our excess energy out by then.