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City of San Diego presents their stadium proposal

The City of San Diego today presented their vision for a new NFL stadium in Mission Valley earlier today, along with announcing the completion of their draft EIR.

The City of San Diego may not have a working partner in the San Diego Chargers, but they are pushing ahead with their plans to build an NFL stadium on the existing Mission Valley site anyway.

Here are the stadium renderings that they released before today's press conference.

What do you say to THAT, Mark Fabiani?

Oh, okay. Well, at least he's finally saying what he wants?

Here's the thing....the Chargers are never going to contribute $300+ million for this stadium. They just won't. In all likelihood, they can't. Mark Fabiani knows this, which is why he's pushing for the hoteliers to be brought in and for the convention center to be made a part of this, and for the stadium to be downtown.

The City is apparently going full steam ahead on Mission Valley, but they'll never get the Chargers back to the negotiating table that way, unfortunately.