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San Diego Chargers DL Tenny Palepoi suffers foot fracture in practice

A talented young defensive lineman will likely miss the rest of San Diego Chargers Training Camp after fracturing his foot today.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This blows.

I saw it happen from the stands today. No, seriously, I even tweeted about it.

One thing I noticed, as he was helped over to the side with a limp, was Palepoi angrily throwing his helmet to the ground. That is a move typically reserved for major injuries, as these guys have a pretty good idea what non-serious injuries feel like.

A foot fracture likely knocks Palepoi out for the rest of Training Camp, and playing in 2.5 practices means he can't be put on the PUP list either. I doubt the team holds a roster spot open for him, so look for an announcement that he's been placed on IR sometime in the next few weeks.