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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: July 8, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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All You Need to Know About Melvin Gordon -
he Chargers kicked off their 2015 NFL Draft with a trade to move up two positions in the first round to select former University of Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon with the 15th overall choice. The Chargers sent the 17th overall pick, along with their fourth-round choice in this year’s draft and their fifth-round choice in the 2016 draft, to San Francisco to move up and select Gordon.

Running Backs: Pre-Contact Yards - Matt Claassen
Today we are going to take a brief look at how much help a running back receives from his offensive line in terms of yards gained before contact. Now, there are times where a player can force a missed tackle without getting contacted or where poor vision can lead to contact on a good block—situations that our grading takes into account—but this can provide a general idea of the concept.

All You Need to Know About Melvin Ingram -
The Chargers’ first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Melvin Ingram uses the term "blessed" quite frequently. And even though his last two seasons have been cut short by injury — first a knee, then a hip — Ingram feels blessed that he’s healthy and strong heading into the 2015 season. Ingram has a nose for getting to the quarterback. Despite missing seven games last season due to the hip injury, he ranked second on the squad in sacks and third in quarterback hits.

Running Backs: Hit In the Backfield - Matt Claassen
One of the toughest things as a running back is dealing with and adjusting to defensive penetration into the backfield. This part of the series looks at players getting hit in the backfield, and who is the best at still gaining yardage. There are times where an ill-advised read or cut can be the cause, and times where a back might be able to avoid contact despite being forced to change the point of attack, but more often than not these runs are the result scenarios out of the running back’s control.

NFL Study Of St. Louis Market Released, Raises Concerns About Ability To Capture Wealthiest Bracket - 3k
At the core of the study was the question of whether or not (although the only acceptable answer to the league and the other owners of course would only be "how") a new stadium would be able to ferret out more money from it's wealthiest patrons.

Five defenses built with the future in mind - Aaron Schatz (Insider)
The Chargers' defense is getting pulled in two different directions right now. Veterans comprise four of the top five players in the secondary -- Eric Weddle (30), Brandon Flowers (29), Jimmy Wilson (29) and Patrick Robinson (28) -- while the linebacking corps is undergoing a youth movement.