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Chargers fans still showing loyalty, with their money

As one of the crappiest off seasons in Charger history drags on, Charger fans continue to show their loyalty in the way the team, and the league, cares about most...buying their stuff.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This has not been a "fun" few months for Charger fans. The city and team have been fighting for months over the stadium issue. Antonio Gates was recently suspended for PEDs. Eric Weddle held out of voluntary work outs to express his frustration over the lack of a contract (or even talks of a contract if you believe him).

Through all of this, Charger fans are continuing to show their loyalty to the team, and in the way that the team cares most about, spending money on their "product."

Melvin Gordon has the 5th best selling rookie jersey since the Draft. He was also the 24th best selling jersey overall for the month of May, according to However it's not just jersey sales. Season ticket sales are also going at a faster pace than last season.

Fan rallies are fun and look good on TV, but buying tickets, jerseys, and any other licensed product with lightning bolts on it is what the team, and the league for that matter cares about. When the league is considering teams for relocation they will want to do what is financially best for the league. The Chargers are selling jerseys and are ahead of schedule on season ticket sales. Meanwhile, Saint Louis is behind on ticket sales compared to last year and don't have any players on the top selling jersey lists. Combine that with the report showing there is a worry that the Rams could have trouble attracting the more wealthy fans and the NFL will have a legitimate concern to think about.