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Is this the worst San Diego Chargers offseason ever?

People keep claiming that it is, so I felt compelled to ask: Have the San Diego Chargers ever had an offseason worse than this?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Every time something new and terrible happens with the San Diego Chargers this offseason (Rivers trade rumors, Weddle contract non-negotiations, Los Angeles rumors, the team fighting with the city, Gates being suspended, etc.), people fill up my mentions on Twitter and my e-mail inbox with the phrase "worst Chargers offseason ever."

Now, I've only been a fan for about 17 years. That's not all that long. The team existed for nearly 40 years before that, and I have to imagine some of those offseasons were terrible.

What I'm looking for, from some of the readers that have been fans for a lot longer than I, is some comparison. Something we can hang out hat on. Not just a single instance (Steve Foley being shot), but an offseason where 4-5 really awful things happens and removed all happiness from thoughts about the team (at least until the season started).

Help me out. I don't want this, in what could be the last offseason for the "San Diego Chargers", to be the worst in team history.