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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: July 28, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Manti Te'o said he's seeing game faster - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
And yet, despite foot fractures that sidelined him for six weeks both years, and despite "not getting my eyes right" as often as he did at Notre Dame, Te’o has started 21 games in two years since Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco traded up to draft him 38th.

10 Things to Watch: Who Will Bookend Stuckey at Gunner? - Ricky Henne
"It is nerve-wracking because obviously I had a comfort level with Tutu," he said during the offseason program.  "We obviously had the opportunity to lean on each other the last two years, so I knew if I was doubled that he would effectively make the tackle or the play. I don’t try to think of it as replacing him, but more as upholding a standard.  And I think we will.  No matter what happens, as a gunner, I am setting a standard for what this team expects.  We will expect the other gunner to play at (that same high level). You’ve got to be a chameleon out there and do whatever it takes to beat the guys in front of you."

Silenced: The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Junior Seau Bungle - Charles P. Pierce
And, finally, there is this business with the family of Junior Seau, whose mind was so destroyed by football that he killed himself. The NFL manages to split the difference between being cruel and being inhumane by being both at the same time. The league continues to amaze.

How Madden Ratings Are Made - Neil Paine
All these factors put more pressure on Moore to produce ratings of ever-increasing accuracy even as they highlight the fundamental paradox limiting Madden’s realism: It’s nearly impossible to accurately simulate some players as long as a gamer must assume control of the athlete’s brain.