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INTERVIEW: Marcellus Wiley talks about NFL in L.A. and his time with the Chargers

John Gennaro talks with former San Diego Chargers pass rusher Marcellus Wiley about the future of the NFL in southern California.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

I don't do a lot of interviews. Most of the time, I'm not interested in getting the type of cliched answers that one gets when they talk to a current or former coach or player.

That being said, when I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to talk to Marcellus Wiley, I jumped on the opportunity. Not only is he one of my favorite Chargers players ever, but he's an entertaining and insightful personality on ESPN TV and ESPN radio in Los Angeles.

I also had a question. Why did Wiley seemingly flame out with the Chargers? After a brilliant first season, his skills seemingly diminished overnight (at a young age) and he never recovered. He gave me an answer to that question, and talked a bit about what he hopes to see for the future of the NFL in southern California as well. As an L.A. native, born and raised and living there now, who enjoyed some of his greatest success playing in San Diego....I thought he had an interesting perspective on the matter.


Editor's Note: I wasn't planning on posting this audio. I recognize the sound quality isn't great and that the conversation is a little loose. However, I do not have time to transcribe 15 minutes of audio for you. Sorry!

Editor's Other Note: Learn more about DOHA Goals (which Marcellus talks about in the interview) by clicking here.

MAJOR UPDATE: BFTB commenter JohnnyPanic took time away from being a freaking saint to write up a transcript of the interview.