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The Bolts from the Blue Podcast, Episode 22: Ben Higgins is your new 'Bachelor'!

It's been a long, grueling seven months. But John and Ben got the band back together and are here once again to soothe your soul.

Have you guys heard the news yet? Ben Higgins has been selected as the next contestant on The Bachelor! Which is particularly interesting considering he’s already married and has two sons already. Bah, who am I to judge?

The 2015 NFL season is slowly inching closer and everyone is assembling again, dusting off their equipment, adjusting things, and getting ready for the show. In what has felt like forever, during what feels like the longest offseason ever, John and Ben are back to tickle your ears with their Chargers hot takes.

Our fearless heroes start things out with a quick recap of the Chargers’ tumultuous offseason before looking ahead to the 2015 season. Each of them described their "best case scenario" and their "worst case scenario" for the upcoming season, before handing out roses (Bachelor style!) to the most important players on the team this year.


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