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NFL advises San Diego to move faster

In asking the City of San Diego to make significant progress in the next month, the National Football League may have put an impossible task in front of the Mayor and his advisors.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Who is Jill Lieber Steeg, you're asking? She's the wife of CSAG member, former Chargers EVP and COO, and friend-of-the-blog Jim Steeg. She's also incredibly bright and accomplished herself.

Suffice to say, if Jill is tweeting it, it's not a rumor.

So, the NFL is pushing for the city to speed things up. It sounds like they want significant progress make on an Environmental Impact Report for the Mission Valley site in the next month, which makes sense if you trust those rumors that the NFL will decide on Los Angeles in August.

In my completely uneducated opinion, that's a bit too fast. There's no way for San Diego to make progress that quickly. However, I'm not one to doubt Jan Goldsmith when it comes to getting the impossible done.