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What will it take for you to consider the San Diego Chargers' season a success?

The Chargers are projected by many to finish outside of the playoffs, but can that still be considered a success?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-16 San Diego Chargers are widely considered the third best team in the AFC West heading into training camp. Quite a bit can change between now and the beginning of the NFL season, but the actual coaching staffs and players on the teams are largely set already. Fewer positions are up for grabs in early July than many would like to admit. Players will get injured, though, and their replacements aren't necessarily known yet.

Given the relative uncertainty at this point in time, the question of what constitutes a successful season can still be reasonably answered because we know enough to have reasonable expectations now. So, what are the outcomes to consider?

  • Sub-.500 season
  • .500 season
  • Non-playoff winning season
  • First round playoff loss
  • Divisional round loss
  • Conference championship loss
  • Super Bowl loss
  • Super Bowl championship

Some of these aren't worth debating because they're obvious failures or successes on their face. Any losing season with the Chargers' talent is a clear failure that could result in the firing of the coaching staff. And obviously, a championship is very definition of success.

I am of the opinion that any season which represents a backward move from the last two seasons is a clear failure. Anything short of the divisional round will be a disappointment. And despite the fact that the Chargers can't be expected to make it past the divisional round, I can't feel good about any season that doesn't.

For some, it's all-or-nothing but I'd be plenty happy with any season that includes a divisional round playoff victory.

Vote in the poll and let me know in the comments if I'm being unreasonable in either direction. Let us know how you voted and why.