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Malcom Floyd announces 2015 will be his final year

San Diego Chargers WR Malcom Floyd announced in a video posted on today that the final year of his contract, 2015, will be his last before retiring from the NFL.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, it's already getting a little misty in here, so let's just get to the video.

One more season and then San Diego Chargers fans, and football fans, will have to say goodbye to Malcom of the weirdest (and coolest, and nicest) players in the history of the game.

Here's my Malcom Floyd story, and it's similar to a lot of other people's viewpoints on this bird of a man:

When I first saw Malcom Floyd on the field, it was for a preseason game. His body type screamed "Oh my god, don't ever let that man get tackled because he will be immediately broken in half."

Yet, there was Floyd with his circus catches and beautiful footwork and touchdown grabs. He didn't run like a gazelle as much as he ran like a ostrich, nearly impossible to catch if he ever got up to speed, and he surprised me every single time I watched him play.

I remember being mad when he switched from #13 to #80. I remember writing angry e-mails to friends and family about it (yeah, I was that guy). 80 should be sacred, it should be retired, and it sure as hell shouldn't be worn by this lanky guy that will never amount to anything. I remember thinking that, and I don't know that I've ever been more wrong.

Floyd showed us all what hard work is. He showed us that you could be an NFL player without an NFL body type. He showed us that major injuries can be overcome, and even ignored, time and time again by simply fighting through the rehab and recovery. He showed many, media and fans alike, that NFL WRs can be the kindest people that you will ever meet.

Malcom may never be your "favorite Charger", and he may not be mine either. However, he was the most fun one to watch (behind LaDainian Tomlinson) and the easiest one to root for. I'm going to miss him a lot, and I hope he has a really great year.