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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: June 9, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Kevin Faulconer on special election for new stadium vote - Mighty1090AM (video)
San Diego officials held a press conference on Monday afternoon following their second meeting with the San Diego Chargers to announce the timeline for a special election in 2015 for voter approval of a new San Diego stadium.

Mark Fabiani: "We want to be careful" - Dan Sileo Interview (audio)
The Special Counsel to the Chargers, Mark Fabiani emphasizes the importance of a plan complying with the Environmental Quality Act by September and also talks about his communication with the city and county.

Stevie Johnson Acclimating to Philip Rivers' Fast Pace - Ricky Henne
"It’s like a feel thing.  When you are out there, you can’t really speak on it. You’ve got to be within the play. Like if a DB is guarding you (a certain) way, and you make a break, he may throw you (the ball) in a way to get you open instead of you having to work to get open.  I’ve experienced it a lot out here.  That is one thing.  You can’t really speak on it, it’s a feel type.  He makes it a little easier to work."

Corey Liuget Sees Himself in Chargers Rookie - Ricky Henne
"To hear him say that just shows that I have the ability to play at this level," he says.  "Now I’ve got to go work harder.  It comes with time and dedication.  Corey has been helping me out with everything.  He’s helped me with my footwork and telling me how I need to do it.  Basically he’s been a leader up front for me. He talks to me about everything I do and critiques my game. It is always to help me out."

Four Downs: AFC West - Scott Kacsmar
Offensive lineman Ben Beckwith went from a walk-on to first-team All-SEC in 2014 at Mississippi State. He's a guard, but has played center. Cameron Clemmons (Western Kentucky) is a tackle-only prospect, and his scouting report is not positive. Tight end Eric Frohnapfel (Marshall) has the interesting dimensions of 6-foot-7 and 235 pounds. Since Eddie Royal's not around to throw a screen pass to at the 1-yard line, why not give the 6-foot-7 guy a shot? We're still waiting for that modern-day Harold Carmichael to show up as a red-zone weapon. Speaking of the old days, the Chargers had Cole Stoudt, son of former Steelers quarterback Cliff, in camp, but released him on May 20. That has to interest someone.