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San Diego Mayor proposes 2015 vote for Chargers stadium

The San Diego Chargers once again met with the Mayor and the city's hired negotiators to talk about a stadium being built that keeps them in town. This time, they talked timeline...but is it enough?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of telling you what happened at San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's media event today, why don't we go straight to the tweets of those that were there (or those that broke the news before it was even announced):

Over the last few weeks, Daniel Kaplan has been acknowledged as Mark Fabiani's "guy". So, if you're wondering how Mark Fabiani feels about this timeline, which is what really matters here, just read those last two tweets.

This is the first time that I can remember where "team sources", with an opportunity to respond to something the Mayor or his group has said or done, decided to go with a hopeful stance. I don't now if it's because they've pressured the Mayor into exactly what they've wanted, or if they're happily surprised with the new timeline, but it's a good sign for San Diego Chargers fans.

Now, Mayor Faulconer has put his reputation on the line, but not really. It's rumored that the NFL is going to move up the date for teams to declare relocation to August (from January), so he doesn't have to make a move unless the Chargers hold back on that (while the Rams take the plunge). It's a classic "Give me a sign of good faith and I'll move mountains for you" scenario, and it was the only real chance the Mayor had of keeping the team in town.