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The Lightning Round Podcast, Episode 30: Talking Chargers 'Cause Somebody Has To

Hey look at this, a brand new episode of your new favorite podcast!

While everyone else is seemingly talking about everything surrounding the Chargers, Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle make the bold move and actually talk about the Chargers players themselves. Because without the players, we don't have a team, and without a team, we don't have football, and without football, we're all just sad and alone.

Wow, that got deep.

In this week's episode our heroes go over the Chargers 2016 Free Agents and discuss who they think will re-sign and which players they think will play elsewhere next year. They also talk about Corey Liuget's contract, Eric Weddle not having a contract and whether or not Evan Mathis would "fit" with the Chargers. Garrett reminisces about his past rock n' roll lifestyle, Jamie has a very surprising roster cut prediction, and we learn a new word in Portuguese.


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