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Should the San Diego Chargers acquire Junior Galette?

One of the league's best pass rushers appears to be on the market. Is he worth the risk for a Chargers team that is lacking in pass rushers?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints pass-rusher Junior Galette is incredibly talented, and may soon be available via trade (or cut by the team and available via free agency). Due to this, I've had a few people ask me if the San Diego Chargers should target him to try and bolster their defense.


Galette is 27 years old, and after riding the bench for three seasons, he racked up 22 sacks in the last two years. To put that into perspective, the Chargers' leading pass-rusher over the last two seasons has been Corey Liuget, who has totaled 10 sacks over that timespan.

The Chargers pass-rush isn't just lacking talent, it's lacking NFL-caliber bodies that can stay healthy. Melvin Ingram has yet to play a full season without a major injury, and Jerry Attaochu looked like he would get hurt by a strong gust of wind in his rookie season (and he may have). Those are your starters.

If this year's Chargers team is meant to do better than last year's team that missed the playoffs, one of the things they'll need to do is add talent and depth to the group of pass rushers. Galette does both, and immediately turns a weakness into a strength.


If the video below turns out to be what it appears to be (Galette taking on a group of men and women in a fight with a belt), and not a case of mistaken identity, Galette is both insane, violent, and has an issue with attacking women.

There's also a video floating around of Galette supposedly bashing Saints head coach Sean Payton. Those two videos are essentially a death knell for his career in New Orleans.

Galette (and the video) will likely be investigated and there may be a suspension. In fact, there likely will be a severe suspension as the Commissioner tries to make up for the bullshit job he did with Ray Rice last year.

Final Decision

No, the Chargers should not acquire Junior Galette via trade or free agency.

Assuming the video above is of him, Galette is nuts. There's a certain amount of nuts that is really good on the field and in the locker room, and I'm all for the team taking a chance on a young kid ready to grow up and turn his life around, but Galette seems way beyond that.