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How will a Chargers Super Bowl Victory Really Feel?

One of our BFTB writers recently tasted the joys of his favorite team winning the NBA Championship. He wonders if it will be any different when the Chargers win the Super Bowl.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's been over a week now.  And it's not how I expected.

Last Tuesday the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers and in doing so, ending a 40-year championship drought.

Yes, I am a Warrior fan. I am a part of Dub Nation. And in all honesty, I can't say I ever thought the day would come that my favorite NBA team would be champions of the world. Not too long ago the Warriors were one of the perennial laughing stocks of the NBA. But not anymore.

Because they did it! And they silenced their critics. And they brought the Larry O'Brien Trophy home to a new generation of Warriors fans.

And just like that it feels like the party is already over.

The feeling of adulation is gone. The parade came and went. The players made their rounds on all the talk shows. The party is over. I didn't think it would feel like this so early, so quick.

This week all the attention has shifted to the NBA Draft. I suppose all the pride and happiness will return when the season begins anew in the fall but meanwhile the Championship seems so long ago.

Which brings me to the point of this particular article: How long will the party last when the San Diego Chargers finally win the Super Bowl?

Since the Chargers are my favorite sports team, I am going to assume that the championship high will surely last longer. I mean, Dub Nation had to wait 40 years to win another championship. On the other hand, the Chargers have never won an NFL Championship (AFL Championships are not the same). That's got to have some staying power for us fans.

The NFL doesn't have any real events immediately following the Super Bowl until a few weeks later when the teams gather for the Scouting Combine. So at the very least we Chargers fans will get a few weeks of honeymoon. Trust me, when the Chargers finally win a Super Bowl I'm gonna bask in the glory as long as I can. I'm hoping it's a feeling that has no end.

Maybe, I'm just a little spoiled. In three of the past five seasons, my favorite baseball team the San Francisco Giants has won the World Series and I will admit that with them I didn't have the same excitement as I did when they won the first championship while on this little run they are having.

I guess I really won't know how I will feel until the Chargers actually win the Super Bowl. If my current luck with my other favorite sports teams is any indication, get ready Chargers fans.

Get ready to Bolt Up! In reality it won't really matter how long it lasts. Just as long as we get to dance.