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After Dark: June 24, 2015

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together each night and talk about everything and anything.

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

It's podcast season!

Here's Gennaroly Speaking (in audio form) if you missed it.

Here's the podcast I did with Annie Heilbrunn earlier today, which has no name and no purpose except that we normally have really great conversations about the San Diego Chargers (and San Diego Padres) and felt like putting that out in the open for people to check out.

Ben Higgins is on vacation this week but the much-loved BFTB Podcast will be making a glorious return (probably) next week with much better sound quality than what you're used to.

That's it from me, I think, but the rest of the staff will totally be keeping up with their podcasts as part of BFTB Radio, as to appease each and every last one of you.