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San Diego Chargers sign OT Forrestal Hickman

The Chargers signed a big offensive lineman that used to play with small humans and it's kinda funny.

This is not a picture of Forrestal Hickman.
This is not a picture of Forrestal Hickman.
David Ramos/Getty Images

Okay, look. I try not to waste your time. I try not to post about things that don't matter. However, this matters.

Now, Forrestal Hickman will probably never ever sniff the San Diego Chargers roster, and that's fine. The thing to remember here is, Forrestal Hickman is big. Very big.

How big is he?

Not that big. I mean, compared to the rest of the Chargers' offensive line.

Hickman is listed as 6'7" and 320 lbs, which means he's almost exactly the same size as Orlando Franklin.

By comparison, King Dunlap is 6'9" and 330 lbs.

So, yeah, Hickman will not be the biggest guy on the roster.

But, look....LISTEN TO ME....

Forrestal Hickman played for Missouri Science and Tech, which sounds exactly like the type of some terrible comedy movie based around college football would name their school. The school may have a long and wonderful history, but one thing it does not have plenty of: big players!

If you've been around here long enough, you remember my fascination with Mike Hermann. He was a large QB playing with a bunch of normal-human-sized players, which made him look ridiculous. Hickman is like that, but way better.

Just look at these pictures!

That shouldn't even be legal. In fact, I'm note entirely certain that it is.

Welcome to the land of the giants, Forrestal Hickman. Your name is awesome and I hope you're a hidden gem. If not, though, thanks a bunch for the absurd pictures.