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Melvin Ingram: Music Review

Chargers Outside Linebacker Melvin Ingram released some music this week, so let’s review it and see if he has a chance at another career after football.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Melvin Ingram released a video for his new song "Intro" off of Young Paper Chasers Records and introduced himself not only as a football player but as a Hip-Hop artist.  With a little digging we found not only the "Intro" but two other tracks on his Soundcloud account under " YPC Mel" which you can listen to here:

Let's break down these three songs and see what this man out of Rockingham, North Carolina can do.  Here are the best and worst lines from each track:


Best Line: "My stomach rumblin', my wrists was touchin' I came from nothin'."

-Good line.

Worst Line: "They wore me down but still I rise can't clear my eyes, thoughts full of why's can't cross the T's and dot the I's."

-You better learn to "dot an I and cross a T" if you want to sign another contract again in your life.

"No Days Off"

Best Line: "Had a white friend kill and had a black friend steal, got the same amount of time how my black friend feel?"

-Nothing earth-shattering but a good line on racial divide.

Worst Line: "Hey your baby momma drilling you for cash on Instagram showin' her ass hopin' you feel bad."

-Weak sauce.


Best Line: "Thinkin' s*** sweet thirsty niggas get a teabag, one foot out and one foot in just trying to get my feet back."

-Made me laugh and solid delivery.

Worst Line: "Don't get caught in that fire and all my niggas ridin' until the wheel come off the tire."

-Not sure that's how cars work.

Between these three tracks Melvin Ingram has got some chops.

Forget the fact that in the "Intro" Ingram says his "weed is potent" who knows he might be a legally (in California) card carrying, medical using, recreational smoker during the other eight months of the year he won't be tested.

Also, ignore the verse in "Rydah" where he raps "my nigga rides shotgun with a shotgun, I'm the driver" because Chargers GM Tom Telesco will have that talk with him (if not Roger Goodell) but SupaMelvin has got some bars.

Ingram might not be Damian Lillard or Iman Shumpert in terms of Rapper/Athlete but he ain't no Shaq either and might give fellow rapping teammate Stevie Johnson a run for his money.

Both the "Intro" and "No Days Off", his two strongest tracks, Ingram raps his rags to riches story and while some may not want to listen to how bad a millionaire has it you can hear the struggle in his verses. He talks about the death of his father and his mother working two jobs to raise five kids, clearly rapping about what he knows.

Some of the beats you can rock to but none of the songs are quite hits in the club or a joint you'd hear on the radio. Looks like there will be more music to come because Melvin Ingram's dropping more than just weight this offseason, his mixtape "From Nothing to Something" is supposed to drop sometime this month but before you do Mel make sure you get your boy "Filthy" Philip Rivers to spit on a track.