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Winners and losers in Corey Liuget contract extension

Corey Liuget hit the jackpot with new multi-year deal with the San Diego Chargers worth a maximum of $58.5 Million dollars over 5 years, but not everyone is happy.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Congratulations Corey Liuget!

You have just secured yourself a 5-year $50-million dollar extension from the San Diego Chargers. It just goes to prove that you show up for work, keep your head down and punch out at the end of the day and you just might get rewarded. Because somebody was watching how great your work ethic is and how you have continued to improve in the 4 years you have strapped on the lightning bolt helmet. That $10-million dollar-a-year average assures your standing as a preeminent leader of this team.

Congratulations to the Liuget family.

You guys have been blessed with someone who has become more than a provider; he has become a leader amongst giants. You guys don't have to worry about much anymore considering that $30 million of the $50 million plus is guaranteed. That's a whole lot more breathing room considering Liuget is coming off a rookie deal that paid him on average of $2 million a year for 4 years.

Congratulations to Liuget's agent, Tony Fleming.

You really worked your magic with Chargers GM Tom Telesco. You must have really sold T.T on all the possibilities that #94 can become. I mean, I'm not sure how you did it but you got Liguet almost as much guaranteed money at signing as the best defensive player in the league J.J Watt. I should be double-congratulating you!

Congratulations to the San Diego Chargers.

I'll give you credit, you signed one of the teams rising stars and seemingly have a centerpiece for the defense for years to come. This is not normal modus operandi from you guys. Liuget has the capabilities of becoming one of the elite Defensive Ends in the league, and we as fans don't have to worry about him becoming that star in a different uniform. I don't see how you could go wrong paying an average of $10 million for potentially the best player on your defensive side of the ball.

But that is where my pleasantries will end...

That's why I'm going to bid adieu to Chargers safety Eric Weddle. With the Liuget deal, they pretty much told Weddle sayonara and don't let the door hit you on the way out, if you ever decide to come in. In all honesty, it's a slap in the face of Weddle.

Weddle is not potentially the best player on defense; he is/was the best player on defense. He was named to his second All-Pro team after the '15 season. He took over the defensive play call duties midway thru '14. For Christ sakes, he plays special teams! I'm not sure how much Weddle is asking for, but it can't be anything more than the $10 million Liuget just got. Weddle was already the highest paid safety at $7.5 million in '15. After this season, some other team will pay him what he's worth.

So I say congratulations to Corey Liuget. Enjoy these next five years. But beware, because no matter how great you may become, you could be Weddled.