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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 8, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Q&A with U-T sports columnist Matt Calkins (UT$)
Competition is good. It makes everybody better. Plus, RG is the biggest question mark on this line right now. I would guess Troutman if I had to right now. But that's definitely a best-of-the-worst situation.

Evaluating the Wide Receivers with WR Coach Fred Graves - Ricky Henne What are your overall impressions of the wide receivers at this point of the offseason?
Graves: The guys we have right now I think fit what we want to do offensively.  We’ve become more physical. When you look at who we have, there is some experience there, but there are also some young guys that are coming up.

Evaluating the Running Backs with RB Coach Ollie Wilson - Ricky Henne I want to touch on the undrafted guys in Jahwan Edwards and Dreamius Smith.  There were a number of college free agents out there, but why did we zero in on those two?
Wilson: We looked at something we wanted to add that was a bit different than what we had.  Both of those guys are bigger guys.  I call them four minute guys where if we have the ball and the lead, the other team can’t get it back.  That kind of guy.

The Downside of Best Available: NFL Teams That Still Have Glaring Post-Draft Needs - Robert Mays
There was some speculation at season’s end that San Diego might consider sliding the powerful D.J. Fluker inside to guard, but that doesn’t seem like a viable option either, with who’s currently behind Fluker at right tackle.

The NFL Draft Shell Game - Bill Barnwell
You would assume Telesco would notice that and try to fill out his running back rotation on the cheap, but instead he gave up a fourth-round pick to move ahead of the Texans and draft Gordon. Even if Gordon is talented, it’s an odd use of resources.