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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 7, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots 'likely' deflated balls, report says - Stefanie Loh (UT$)
The Wells report shows Tom Brady knew and probably approved the deflated footballs. He lied to everyone about it, including his own coach.

Sans Weddle, Chargers ramp up workouts - Michael Gehlken (UT$)
Chargers coaches were allowed onto the practice field for the first time since the end of last season. Their involvement is part of the gradual progression of the nine-week workout program, as stipulated under the collective bargaining agreement. Meanwhile, safety Eric Weddle has yet to partake in the voluntary activities while awaiting a contract extension.

WATCH: Chargers first-round pick Melvin Gordon on career, family, work ethic & more - Annie Heilbrunn
Chargers first-round draft pick Melvin Gordon likes to use this phrase with teammates: "Are you sleeping or are you getting better?" Those eight words became a mantra for the University of Wisconsin running back, who would text the question to fellow Badgers throughout the season as he refined the details of his game to prepare for his best chance at the NFL. He used it as motivation during long days (and nights) of endless drills and training.

Evaluating the Chargers 2015 draft picks… - Annie Heilbrunn
Since these days no NFL team can make a move without it being analyzed to exhaustion, here are our evaluations of the Chargers’ picks. **Keep in mind that we aren’t scouts — (well, once Annie was a Girl Scout, but not sure that counts) – and that in general, it usually takes a year or two (at least) to determine whether the draft was a good one.

Chargers DC John Pagano discusses Denzel Perryman's role with Chargers - Eric Williams
"He’s mean," Pagano said. "He’s tough. He tackles. He’s somebody that’s going to hit you. He’s not just going to try and tackle you. He’s trying to run through you, and that’s something that every defense is looking for. He’s got great instincts, and that makes up for the so-called lack of speed. He plays faster than he’s timed."