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What did we learn from the first day of OTAs?

At voluntary OTAs at Chargers Park, we got our first look at the 2015 San Diego Chargers on the field....but what did we learn?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Scifres still has a cannon for a leg:

The offensive line looks weird without King Dunlap, who did not show for these voluntary practices:

Injuries happen:

Melvin Gordon might be wearing the wrong jersey number:

Mike McCoy and Eric Weddle aren't cool right now:

Melvin Gordon is like a bigger Jamaal Charles:

Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle are still cool:

The Chargers apparently don't know how to make contract extension offers:

It's a long way from the start of training camp (thank goodness):

There will probably be more fun tweets coming out of Chargers Park today, so keep an eye out and post any good ones in the comments below.