The McCoy/Telesco Era

Entering the third season of the McCoy/Telesco era, Tom Telesco has now been around long enough to put together his roster by bringing in and letting go of the players he wants. Over the past 3 seasons, he has had great success with the top 3 selections of the draft.

As we all know:

2013: Fluker T, Allen WR, Te'o ILB

2014: Verrett CB, Attouchu OLB, Watt G/C

2015: Gordon RB, Perryman ILB, Mager CB

All of the players from the 2013 and 2014 draft are starters, with Attouchu now expected to start opposite Melvin Ingram.

He has brought in players like, King Dunlap, Brandon Flowers, Orlando Franklin, and many others. I think that our team all around has gotten better and you may say that 2014 was a step back but there's no doubt in my mind that with Ryan Mathews playing in all 16 games like he did the previous year, we would have made the playoffs easily. I think that it would've been a great move to keep Mathews and draft Gordon but that is besides the point.

I think we all expect big things this year, seeing the moves the Chargers have made this offseason.

-Get our #1 ballcarrier

-Build the offensive line

-Get depth in the defensive secondary and Inside Linebacking corp

Things that still may cause a problem:

-Lack of depth at pass rusher as we all hope that Ingram and Attouchu can stay healthy and productive

-Maybe add another starting-tier receiver. We're hoping Stevie Johnson can be a game changer

Overall I see a lot of progress and I feel that the team is heading in the right direction. I feel the team is being solidified and not just patched together like many of the worse teams in the league do. The Chargers still rely heavily on the health of Melvin Gordon, Attouchu and Ingram, but besides that I cannot think of too many places the Chargers are desperately thin at. Banking on good health in 2015 I think we all expect a playoff berth behind Philip Rivers

Comment your opinions and what could have been done differently this offseason

Go Chargers!

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