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Is the State Investigating Carson Stadium Project?

Is the Carson stadium project dead after Fred Roggin's revelation today? Not quite, but it's not looking good.

Here's what happened this morning....

So, what happened?

Well, carson mayor roggin . Not only did Fred lay out the scenario, in which a woman from the Carson Oversight Committee wrote a letter to the California State Financial Committee to express concern over tens of millions of state money being used to remediate the land (when it was initially intended for schools, emergency services, public services, etc.), but he then had the Mayor of Carson call into the show to throw said woman under a bus or three.

What do we make of all of this? Well, I take it as the big dog has finally entered the fight. For everything that has come out from Mark Fabiani and the Carson group (and AEG, back in the day when Farmers Field was still a thing) trying to slow down the Inglewood project, there has been no real return fire...until now.

Say what you want about the current sexual abuse/harassment scandal that is currently plaguing the new Mayor, just a few weeks after taking over the position from the former Mayor (who demoted himself to City Clerk), but that was a blow to the credibility of a man in the center of this project. Now, add in that a shady deal was seemingly made to get the Chargers and Raiders to agree to buy the land, and the whole thing looks fishy.

One thing is for sure: The Chargers can not afford to have a slowdown in their project if they hope to catch up to Inglewood. However, since Stan Kroenke has owned his land for years and is funding his own stadium, he has a lot more roadblocks he can throw in the way of the Carson project than visa versa.

Does this mean Carson is dead and Inglewood is a sure thing? No, but it was an interesting display of Kroenke's influence and shows just how many more issues the competing site has than his own. The NFL is paying attention to things like that.