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San Diego Chargers sign undrafted free agents following the NFL draft

Come discuss the rookies that went undrafted as they sign with NFL teams.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the 7th round of the NFL draft has ended, teams have started signing the prospects that went undrafted. The Chargers, who had no 7th round pick, have likely been in contact with the agents of many of these players since the minute they made their final pick in the middle of the 6th round.

Many of these players will be practically anonymous to you unless you watch a ton of college football, but there is potential upside here. Chargers fans should know that better than most.

This post is just a roundup of whom the Chargers have reportedly signed thus far. We'll delve deeper into any interesting names later. Without further ado, the list:

Chi Chi Ariguzo, OLB, Northwestern

Manuel Asprilla,CB, Boston College

Ben Beckwith, OG, Mississippi State

Cameron Botticelli, DE, Minnesota

Tyreek Burwell, OT, Cincinnati

Cameron Clemmons, OT, Western Kentucky

Titus Davis, WR, Central Michigan

Nick Dzubnar, LB, Cal Poly

Jahwan Edwards, RB, Ball State

Eric Frohnapel, TE, Marshall

Curtis Grant, ILB, Ohio State

Brock Hekking, OLB, Nevada

Gordon Hill, DB, Sacred Heart

Josh Lambo, K, Texas A&M

John Lowdermilk, S, Iowa

Ryan Mueller, LB/FB, Kansas State

Brian Parker, TE, Albany

Dreamius Smith, RB, West Virginia

Cole Stoudt, QB, Clemson

Tyrell Williams, WR, Western Oregon

Demetrious Wilson, WR, Arkansas

Have you watched any of these guys? Perhaps you've read something interesting about them. Discuss away in the comments. We will be updating this post throughout the night and weekend.