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San Diego Chargers sign offensive tackle Joe Barksdale

With the draft class signed and the team starting to take shape, Tom Telesco has signed a new right tackle.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Per Ian Rapoport, the San Diego Chargers have inked former St. Louis Rams right tackle Joe Barksdale to a one-year deal worth the base minimum, with a $350,000 signing bonus, and up to $1,000,000 in additional incentives. Barksdale has been a solid starter for the previous two seasons in St. Louis.

While it is unlikely the Chargers will outright hand Barksdale the right tackle job, he is very likely the best right tackle now on the roster. If he sticks, he'll allow D.J. Fluker to move inside to right guard where his skill set will play much, much better. If the transition goes at all smoothly, Fluker will be a significantly more valuable player than he was this morning.

Most importantly, though, the San Diego Chargers no longer have any excuse to trot out Johnie Troutman to play right guard. This signing results in a greatly improved right side of the offensive line and vastly improved depth along the line in general. The Coupon God has struck again.