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San Diego's Citizens Stadium Advisory Group reveals its plan at press conference

The CSAG held a press conference this afternoon to announce their recommended course of action. Is it good enough to keep the Chargers in San Diego?

The biggest story for the Chargers this offseason hasn't been about the product on the field; it has been about whether or not the field will be in San Diego in the years to come. Months ago, Mayor Faulconer of San Diego announced the creation of a task force to help develop a plan. That task force, the Citizens Stadium Advisory Group, set a self-imposed deadline of May 20 to reveal their plan. They came in two days ahead of schedule.

While we were waiting for the announcement, there was still plenty of chatter about what it would include and what it would mean.

And then they started releasing the renderings, which are really quite something.

The details came pouring in from local media:

Honestly, this response from the team was probably as positive as we could have possibly hoped for:

Other reactions:

Well, Dean Spanos is certainly taking this all very seriously as he's now making the stadium issue his full time job.