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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 13, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Projected AFC standings: Dolphins new favorites with Brady suspended - Aaron Schatz (Insider)
Kansas City and San Diego both ended up at 9-7 last year, but our ratings had the Chiefs (10th) a bit higher than the Chargers (16th). That gap closes a little in the projections because the Chiefs lose a home game to London and because they are unlikely to be quite as good in special teams again (they finished third in our ratings). Both teams are likely to get a break from better health in 2015. The Chargers led the league in offensive adjusted games lost -- they started five different guys at center, remember -- while the Chiefs had more injuries than average on both sides of the ball.

2014 Incomplete Pass Breakdown: Receivers - Scott Kacsmar
I have to thank the 2006 Dolphins for teaching me about the value of receiver roles and the impact of quarterback play on a receiver's stats. Welker caught a high percentage of passes because he just ran a lot of short, easy routes from the slot that even Harrington could hit at a solid rate. Chambers was frequently running deep routes against the opponent's best cornerback. Back when you could actually look up great stats on a player's Sports Illustrated page, they had a breakdown of targets as overthrown, underthrown, thrown wide, etc. That year I summed up all the targets for which Chambers could not be blamed and found that nearly 50 percent of his targets were completely uncatchable. No wonder he only caught 39 percent overall.

Déjà Vu All Over Again for Addae and Davis - Ricky Henne
"What was funny was when I came in as a freshman at Central Michigan, Jahleel told me immediately that I would come in and make plays," Davis recalled. "And Jahleel, you saw photos of him all over the walls and we all heard about him before we came in.  So for him to come up to me and say those things when I was just a freshman, it was big and gave me a lot of confidence.  It got me moving.  I was able to play early because of the confidence he gave me."

Evaluating the Special Teams with ST Coordinator Kevin Spencer - Ricky Henne
On Monday and Wednesday we will try to grab the defensive guys, and on Tuesday and Thursday we will work with the offensive players.  With the NFLPA regulations, our emphasis is teaching technique and scheme.  We are familiar with our guys, but now we will get familiar with the rookie class and new free agents.

San Diego Chargers' John Pagano wants more speed, turnovers in '15 - Eric Williams
"The most important thing and our No. 1 goal this offseason is playing faster," Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano said this week. "If we’re thinking too much, we’re not going to play fast. So, our mentality going into this spring is we don’t want thinkers. We want reactors and guys playing fast."