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The KP Show, Episode 14: Offensive Line Primer

The KP Show is back, and we have your draft covered! This time to cover the Offensive Line and what needs the Chargers have, while breaking down some specific OL prospects.

Joined by Duke Mayweather to talk a position we feel the Chargers may address, offensive tackles. Duke is one of, if not the smartest person when it comes to offensive linemen. He played in college, coached in college, and was the right hand man for former All-Pro LeCharles Bentley's OL performance academy.

We started off by looking at what traits Duke looks for in the position, and tied it into specific prospects. We then went over our tackle rankings, some unheralded names, & who might be a bust. This is jam packed full of jargon so soak up the knowledge & follow Duke to ask him any questions about offensive line.


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