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Chargers draft trade rumors: Tennessee talking to Chargers and Eagles about Marcus Mariota

With just over 24 hours left until the 2015 NFL Draft, trade rumors involving the San Diego Chargers trading star QB Philip Rivers to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for the #2 overall pick int he 2015 NFL Draft are picking up steam.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is tomorrow, and unlike the last few days, the rumors have swung back towards the Chargers making a trade with the Tennessee Titans for Marcus Mariota.

Along with the Chargers rumors, there are also conflicting reports that the Cleveland Browns may or may not have offered both of their 1st round picks, 12 and 19, to move up to number 2. If you use the standard pick value chart, thats a bad deal for the Titans. However if you use this draft trade calculator it winds up being a deal in the Titans' favor.

For those of you out there who are hoping this trade doesn't happen, hopefully these tweets talk you off the ledge.

Rich Eisen also pointed out yesterday that Agent Jimmy Sexton represents Rivers, TEN HC Ken Wisenhunt, and TEN GM Ruston he is basically negotiating with himself at this point.

Like I said, we have less than 24 hours, but with so many conflicting reports I'm not sure whether to be anxious, excited, or just annoyed. But hey, at least its football news right?