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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 29, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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The NFL Draft: What’s Your Team’s Strategy? - Kevin Clark
They fill needs with their first-round pick. GM Tom Telesco continues the team’s trend of taking a flier on as many running backs as possible. Obvious pick: Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon

2015 Draft Kit - Case of the Muncies
I thought about what data I wanted to be able to see in the draft kit without it being too cluttered and settled on a few simple ideas. The draft kit lists a players name, position, school, height, weight, Kyle Posey's grade and round value,'s projected round range,'s draft profile, and Kyle's brief summary for all applicable players. In addition to this I also embedded a hyperlink in every players name that will link you to either a BFTB article that Kyle wrote breaking down the player or a Google sheet that has notes that Kyle took on the player while watching their film.

Spread Dread: Marcus Mariota and the Scourge of the ‘System Quarterback’ - Matt Hinton
ariota will come off the board soon after, although exactly how soon is something no one outside of the Tennessee Titans’ front office really knows. If the Titans want Mariota with the second pick, he’ll be there for the taking; if not, the clock on Mariota Watch 2015 will begin ticking in earnest.

The NFL Mock Trade Draft, Part 2 - Bill Barnwell
One team that might be able to justify trading for Peterson is San Diego. The Chargers were lost at running back last season, as the now-departed Ryan Mathews missed most of the year with an injury, free-agent acquisition Donald Brown averaged a lowly 2.6 yards per carry before getting Mike Scifres killed in punt protection, and receiving back Danny Woodhead broke his leg. Rookie free agent Branden Oliver was better than Brown, but not by much.