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VIDEO: Bolts Brown Bag with Ben Higgins and John Gennaro!

The dynamic duo is back in action this afternoon, eating lunch and previewing the 2015 NFL Draft for fans of the San Diego Chargers. Tune in live!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It's NFL Draft Week! That means that it's time for Ben Higgins and myself to get back together and talk some San Diego Chargers football!

Watch us while we break down the draft, talk some stadium, and break down the possible (although not probable) trade of Philip Rivers to the Tennessee Titans for Philip Rivers!

Let us know if you enjoy the show, as we'll likely get back together for lunch next Monday to recap the draft and the offseason so far for Chargers GM Tom Telesco.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to read your comments on air, but I promise that a BFTB Radio podcast and a Gennaroly Speaking will be happening soon.