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BFTB Stadium Podcast, #1: Welcome to San Diego

Announcing a new podcast to join Bolts from the Blue Radio!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In this first episode of the Bolts from the Blue Stadium Podcast...

We start out with a lightning round history of the stadium situation in San Diego, going all the way back to when the Chargers played in Balboa Stadium the different versions of San Diego/Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium, and the various sites and locations around San Diego where stadiums have been floated up to January of this year.

Next, there's an interview with Erik Bruvold and Vince Vasquez of the National University System Insititute for Policy Research, which discusses a potential 2016 vote in San Diego, San Diego Market size, and problems with the Economic Impact Report released for the Carson project.

Next, I get to wildly speculate on what will happen if the NFL does decide to move up the relocation window to Fall of 2015, with my guesses on the NFL choosing Inglewood, Carson, or no one moving in 2016.

Last, we wrap up with a completely unrelated pop-culture item, in which I explain why the video game Alien: Isolation would make the next great cable television series.

If there's anything you BFTB readers would like for me to discuss in a future podcast, leave your suggestions in the comments.

The following papers were referenced during the interview:


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