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No Rivers-Mariota trade talk with Titans, says lying Chargers GM

Tom Telesco had no problem saying "no" to Chargers-Titans trade talks on Thursday after be unwilling to answer the same question on Wednesday. What changed?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Let's travel back in yesterday!

Tom Telesco is asked about Philip Rivers and the swirling rumors that the San Diego Chargers have been in talks to trade him to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for the #2 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft so that they can draft Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

His response?

He skirted the question completely when asked if he’d had discussions with Tennessee by answering "I’m going to leave that go," waving his hand for effect.


Well, that certainly isn't a no. It would've been very easy for him to have said no! Instead, Telesco responded to every Rivers question by saying it was the team's "plan" to have Rivers as the QB. All that tells Chargers fans is that they're not planning, or intent, on trading Rivers. It does not mean that they won't, and Tom's ducking of the Titans questions seems to imply that they have been talking about doing just that.

Or maybe not!

Check our Michael Gehlken's fancy, not-at-all-written-for-him article that appeared in the UT San Diego this morning, titled "Chargers, Titans haven't talked Rivers trade".



Well then. I guess all the Rivers trade rumors came out of thin air and there's zero chance of him being traded before the start of the season.