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Chargers and Raiders release brand new Carson stadium designs


This is so stupid.
This is so stupid.

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are dead-set on shoving this Carson Stadium nonsense down our throats.

Two months after first announcing their plans to abandon their home cities and pair up, despite their rival fanbases, they've gone back to the drawing board (literally!) and come up with some new renderings and a new design...NOW WITH FIRE AND LIGHTNING.

I mean....if Los Angeles wasn't absolutely pumped about the NFL coming back before, surely a semi-eternal flame for Al Davis is enough to get them going, right?

These new designs and renderings are, probably, a partial response to those that have called the Carson stadium project a "bluff" or a "mirage" with no basis in reality. To them, the teams are saying that....while that other idea they had two months ago is horseshit....this new idea is totally badass!

Personally? I think this is quite a bit over the top for Carson. Carson is not Los Angeles. Building a Farmer's Field replica in the middle of a field, in place of a former landfill, is only going to look (and be) awkward. But what do I know?