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Adrian Peterson for Philip Rivers? The Deal No One is Talking About...

After hearing the PR to the Titans rumors over the last few weeks, the insanity has spread to Texas, where our lone star writer has the ABSOLUTE win-win trade for Bolts, PR, and another team…

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The Best Trade

We’ve all heard the arguments. We’ve debated them, and some of us have even come to the point of embracing what would have been thought of as madness until very recently. But, other deals may be out there that could net the Chargers another quarterback and a quality running back, if only the General Managers involved could make it happen. It will just take two teams with the guts and vision to roll the dice.

My stroke of genius is to trade PR to the Vikings for Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. The advantages of this trade are obvious to all. Both teams keep their draft picks, which is crucial since teams win with drafts picks in this league, not with good or great players. Both teams get to rid themselves of a disgruntled veteran star. And that's just the beginning …

For the Vikings

The benefits to the Vikings are clear:

  • The Vikings get a proven QB, something they have not had since Brett Favre led them to the NFC title game in 2009.
  • They get to unload Adrian Peterson’s bloated salary for this year which is nearly $13 Million, while ridding themselves of a player that embarrassed the franchise.
  • They also fix the draft mistake that had a dismal Wunderlich test and produced a bad 7-9 season under new head coach Mike Zimmer last season, while completing only 65% of his passes as a rookie.
  • They get to pair Philip Rivers with the coach that taught him a winning offense in the NFL and terrorized defenses in the league from 2007-2010.

For the Chargers

  • The Bolts get a powerful, dominating runner. Who cares if he is 30? AD is actually 28 in football years, with the time off he got last year and just his general awesomeness.
  • McCoy gets another QB to turn into an elite signal caller or "fix". After all, the coach that could get Orton and Tebow to the heights of success in the NFL should have no problem doing the same sorts of things to, er, for Bridgewater.
  • The Bolts get to free themselves of a QB that has taken a lot of punishment and is starting to breakdown. And that does not even take into account his clear dissatisfaction with the team by insisting on playing out the last year of his contract.

Sure, this may be a radical approach for both teams to take in re-tooling for the 2015 season. And of course, some fans in both cities, dinosaurs that don’t understand the brave new world or metrics and caponomics, will be upset. That should not be a concern to the ownership of the team; after all, they get paid to do this and we’re just amateurs.

I’m sure this trade would get Norv Turner excited. After all, having Rivers with a suspect O-line, no credible running game, and a mediocre defense should get Norval right back into his comfort zone.

For the Chargers, it will feel good to have a stud running back again. Don’t you remember how fun football was when a QB could just hand the ball off to LT and he would get touchdowns? It will be GREAT to have that in 2015 again. And for those of you worried about Peterson’s off-the-field troubles, well that’s a concern, but the fresh start here in Southern California, farther away from his kids in Texas and Oklahoma than they were when he played in Minnesota will be welcome for everyone.

And just think gratitude he will show the Bolts with his fresh start! Can anyone blame him for being mad with the Vikings for the way they treated him last season? While he was waiting to get the legal situation dealt with, the Vikings actually suspended him, with pay, instead of just going along with the league’s banishment and not paying him a cent. With that insult fresh in his mind, I can certainly understand AP wanting to get out of the twin cities.

And for the Vikings, I’m sure they would rather spend $13 million (more actually) on a QB that is looking for a fresh start of his own. One can hope that Philip Rivers would have learned his lesson with a trade like this and in the future, not let a reporter misquote him or take an exaggerated out of context statement and blow that out of proportion. Maybe he should hang out with Marshawn Lynch for a little bit, to get some perspective on dealing with the media.

Speaking of the future, do we Charger fans really want to watch Rivers decline over the next 5 or 6 years of his career? Have we learned nothing from watching the demise of Payton Manning over the last two years? As a lover of the game, it certainly has been painful for me to watch an all-time great QB become a broken-down shadow of his former greatness since the Colts wisely decided to move on from him.

C’mon Tom … stay away from the day glow green Kool-Aid of Marcus Mariota. Let’s get Bridgewater and the next 3 years of his rookie contract in SD for this year, have him hand off to Peterson, and use that #17 pick to get a game-changing lineman or linebacker or BPA.

I smell playoffs!

Note: The above was satire, in the spirit of Jonathan Swift and "A Modest Proposal". With that said, over the last week, I have felt a little like I am watching a farce with the way the Titans are setting their hook for somebody that wants to go after their #2 pick. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching PR work his magic wearing lightning Bolts in 2015.