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Eric Weddle absent from San Diego Chargers OTAs over contract concerns

Eric Weddle is heading into the final year of his contract with the San Diego Chargers and he wants to talk extension. The team has rejected those talks, and so Weddle is voicing his displeasure.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I had heard the other day that talks between the San Diego Chargers and Eric Weddle regarding a contract extension had broken down, but I didn't think things were this serious.

While the world waited and wondered if superstar QB Philip Rivers would miss today's voluntary offseason training activities (OTAs) amid trade rumors, Weddle was the one who didn't show as a way to show his frustration with the team.

Does this mean the Chargers are not interested in bringing Weddle back after this season? Maybe, but maybe not. Tom Telesco told Marty Caswell a few weeks ago that the team would not be talking about contract extensions with anyone on the roster until after the 2015 NFL Draft:

Is Weddle in the right in feeling "highly, highly disrespected"? I suppose. The team isn't necessarily treating him like a star player, but he's not getting treated any worse than Rivers right now.

Are the Chargers in the right in holding off on talks until after the NFL Draft? Absolutely. Obviously, some trades may be made around that time that could affect the salary cap and the team wants to wait and see where it is at, along with not tipping its hand before draft day.

This isn't really anything to get worried about...yet. If Weddle enters the regular season without a deal, maybe we can all start sweating a little bit.