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What happened to today's NFL/CSAG press conference?

Political posturing is abound as the San Diego Mayor's Citizens Stadium Advisory Group meets with representatives from the NFL in San Diego this week.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So, this is ominous...

In case you don't follow Bernie Wilson (What is wrong with you? Follow Bernie!), the "Master of Disaster" is his unofficial title for Special Counsel to San Diego Chargers Team President Dean Spanos, Mark Fabiani.

Would Fabiani attempt to squash a press conference that makes it look as though the San Diego Mayor's CSAG is working hand-in-hand with the NFL to keep the team in San Diego? Absolutely. Fabiani is a PR man first, and the NFL jumping in CSAG's corner (even if it's in appearance only) paints the Chargers as the one and only bad guy.

However, that's not my question. My question is how the heck could Fabiani keep the press conference from happening? Does he really have that kind of sway? Possibly.

Either way, this is annoying.

A CSAG press conference is still happening at 1pm today, but Eric Grubman will not be speaking at it. Instead, he's scheduled to be a guest on the Darren Smith Show at 12:35pm.