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Councilmember Scott Sherman releases renderings of proposed Chargers stadium

Councilmember Scott Sherman is ready to develop the area around Qualcomm Stadium, with a new stadium in its place, as a way to entice the San Diego Chargers to stay.

Annie Heilbrunn

Well well well, what is this? Could the stadium proposal to keep the San Diego Chargers in the city that loves them finally have some renderings to entice the hell out of the fans?

Hello, nurse!

I'm not exactly sure why there appears to be an outdoor church/sundial outside of the stadium, nor do I think that normal-sized trolley station is going to cut it consider there is no parking lot (sorry, tailgaters), but color me excited and continually impressed by the efforts of San Diego's politicians to keep the team.

It's worth noting that renderings often end up looking very different from the end product, but the idea in place here of a "Chargers village" surrounding the stadium is one that has been needed for a very long time.