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Should the San Diego Chargers sign Vince Wilfork?

The New England Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork will be a free agent, and the San Diego Chargers have a decision to make about him.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports


Despite his age (33 years young!), soon-to-be-former New England Patriots DT/DE Vince Wilfork is still one of the best run-stopping defensive linemen in the league. He also dances while cooking ribs!

The San Diego Chargers' defensive line has been inconsistent for years, which makes sense when you realize they spent 25th most in the league on Defensive Ends and 25 most on Defensive Tackles last year.

The option that the Patriots declined to pick up would've paid Wilfork about $9 million this season and $6.4 million next season. That would put him somewhere between Paul Soliai and Haloti Ngata (who also may be cut for his large contract), and in the top 5 highest-paid DTs in the league. My bet is that that a two-year deal for $15 million would get Wilfork in blue and gold.

Signing Wilfork would very much be a "win now" move. It would make life easier for Donald Butler and Manti Te'o, it would allow Kendall Reyes to become a rotational/situational player, and it means the team could continue to let Ryan Carrethers develop slowly for another year or two. It also provides a potential one-year backup plan if Corey Liuget leaves next offseason.

As much as I normally advise against "win now" moves from the front office, the writing is on the wall. Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers are not going to play for another 5+ years. Shore up the defense, specifically the run defense, and pay Vince Wilfork his money.

Those are my two cents, how do you feel about it?