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Rapid Fire: Who should the San Diego Chargers acquire?

Richard Wade answers "should the Chargers acquire [player name]?" for most of the guys we haven't looked at yet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Chargers sign Haloti Ngata if the Ravens release him?

We'll start with the easiest one. Yes, absolutely. Where can I donate to this cause?

Should the Chargers trade for Andre Johnson?

No. Whatever Houston is asking is too much to pay for Johnson on his current deal.

Should the Chargers trade for Adrian Peterson?

Speaking only to the football side of things, it's a big, fat maybe. Peterson is one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game. He also carries a fat cap hit and could be expensive in draft picks, too.

Should the Chargers sign Ndamukong Suh?

No. Suh is going to eat up all of your cap room and you'd have to completely redesign the defense to justify him.

Should the Chargers sign DeMarco Murray?

Not unless he suddenly decides he hates money. Murray is basically just Ryan Mathews with a bigger price tag. He's not worth it unless he brings the Cowboys offensive line with him.

Should the Chargers sign Greg Hardy?

Speaking only to the football side of things, yes. Please yes. Is he worth the off-the-field baggage? Probably.

Should the Chargers re-sign Brandon Flowers?

Of course. Unless he wants to break the bank, in which case we should happily wave goodbye.

Should the Chargers sign Brandon Graham?

I love Brandon Graham and think he'd be great. He's a big upside play that hopefully the team wouldn't have to pay for the way they would a more proven commodity.

Should the Chargers sign Randall Cobb?

Supposedly the Raiders are willing to give him $11M AAV. That might be too rich for the Chargers' situation, but he'd be a perfect fit.

Should the Chargers sign Terrance Knighton?

Reports are that he wants $7M per year. If he gives up on that particular dream, the Chargers should look into his new asking price.

Should the Chargers sign Derrick Morgan?

Yes. He's a perfect fit. He also has that "coupon god" signing quality to him. Make it happen.

Should the Chargers sign Lance Briggs?

No. Don't be dumb.

Should the Chargers sign Frank Gore?

Not unless he's taking the veteran minimum and he's not.

Should the Chargers sign A.J. Hawk?


Should the Chargers sign Michael Crabtree?

Get out of here with that nonsense.

Should the Chargers sign Jason Worilds?

He has some great highlights, but he's less impressive over the course of a full season. He's probably going to get paid for the highlights.

Should the Chargers sign Brian Orakpo?

If he's cheap and none of the younger, better options are available, the Chargers could do worse. But no, not really.

Should the Chargers sign Julius Thomas?

Maybe they should just try throwing the ball to Ladarius Green.

Should the Chargers sign Kareem Jackson?

Yes. He should be a priority free agent, especially if Flowers walks.

Should the Chargers sign Bryan Bulaga if he makes it to free agency?

Yes, but at this point I'll be shocked if he makes it.

Should the Chargers sign B.J. Raji?


Should the Chargers sign Jabaal Sheard?

He should definitely be on the list if those ahead of him can't be signed.

Should the Chargers sign Jerry Hughes?

If the price is right, Hughes is the kind of guy I could see the team betting on and having success. Solid maybe.

Should the Chargers sign Pernell McPhee?

Yes. They really should.

Should the Chargers sign Mike Iupati?

No. Overpaying for a guard coming off a bad season is not a good investment.

Should the Chargers sign Byron Maxwell?

Probably not. But if Flowers walks, I guess you have to look at options like him. Still no.

Should the Chargers sign Jeremy Maclin?

If it's at all possible, yes. Jeremy Maclin would instantly transform the offense for the better. This is my dream signing.

Should the Chargers sign Trent Cole?

If none of the other options ahead of him can be signed, he's worth looking into. Solid possibility, but not exciting.