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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 31, 2015

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Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Explaining the NFL's Rookie Salary Cap - Jason Fitzgerald
Despite the fact that the 2014 salary cap rose significantly the freeze still remained in place and because of that we are assuming it will remain frozen in 2015, though we do have estimates for an unfrozen pool if someone has information pointing in that direction.  So keeping all of this in mind we should get a pretty decent idea, barring some big changes by the League, as to what each team will spend on their rookies.

Meet Charger Girl Delani - Video
Learn more about Charger Girl Delani, an Orange County native.

Mike Mayock's Top 10 Wide Receivers in the Draft - Video
NFL Media's Mike Mayock breaks down the talented crop of wide receiver prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft on "Path to the Draft."

Aggressiveness Index 2014 - Aaron Schatz
Aggressiveness Index numbers center around 1.0 and generally describe how much more (or less) likely each coach is to go for it on fourth down compared to his peers; for example, a coach with 1.20 AI is roughly 20 percent more likely to go for it than an average coach in equivalent situations. The Aggressiveness Index excludes obvious catch-up situations: third quarter, trailing by 15 or more points; fourth quarter, trailing by nine or more points; and in the last five minutes of the game, trailing by any amount.

Extra Points: How the PAT Could Change by This Fall - Peter King
Last year, in a general session at an NFL meeting, the league’s 32 teams agreed—almost unanimously—that the point after touchdown was passé. Had to go. Too automatic. And so eight days ago, when the competition committee gathered in Phoenix to go over potential rule changes for the 2015 season, the committee was stuck on the PAT fix. There was nothing the group thought it could sell that would get the required 24 votes from the teams. (A rule change needs a three-quarter vote to pass.) Find a compromise, the committee was told; the league can’t go another year with 99.6 percent extra-point efficiency—the league average for the past three years.

Philip Rivers, news and views - Tom Krasovic (UT$)
Philip Rivers rocked the NFL world two weeks ago when he told the U-T's Kevin Acee he won't sign a contract extension before this season and would be reluctant to follow the Chargers to Los Angeles in 2016, if it came to it.