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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 27, 2015

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Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cooper tops WR projections - Nathan Forster (Insider)
Agholor hopes to break USC out of a wide receiver-producing slump that has included first-round busts such as Mike Williams and R. Jay Soward. More recent draft picks Robert Woods and Marqise Lee have had their moments but haven't yet broken out. Agholor was a reasonably productive receiver at USC, with 1,313 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

Are Teams Faking Injuries? Part I - Jared Cohen
There were 692 injuries in the play-by-play data, 66 of which were special-teams plays and so were excluded (faking these wouldn't slow down an opposing offense). Looking at the rate of defensive injuries against (adjusted for number of plays), we can see which teams are seeing the highest rate of injury among their opponents -- and are potential victims of fake injuries.

Are Teams Faking Injuries? Part II - Jared Cohen
Almost exactly as we saw in our initial 2014 analysis. There's a slight negative relationship between offensive plays per game and offensive injury frequency, which suggests that teams playing up-tempo offenses are more effectively conditioned/trained for it. There's seemingly no relationship whatsoever between defense injury frequency with defensive plays per game or offensive injury frequency and opposing defensive plays per game (so when offensive players run more plays because their opponent's defense is bad, they don't get injured more frequently).

Rival Roundup: Analyzing the Broncos Offseason - Ricky Henne
While the quarterback remains under center, the Broncos have undergone major changes elsewhere. They lost numerous stalwarts, including Orlando Franklin, Julius Thomas, Nate Irving and Rahim Moore, while Wes Welker, Quinton Carter and Will Montgomery remain pending free agents.  They notably retained Virgil Green and imported Darian Stewart, Shelley Smith, Owen Daniels and former Charger Reggie Walker via free agency.

Rival Roundup: Analyzing the Chiefs Offseason - Ricky Henne
While Kansas City traded for veteran Ben Grubbs and also added Tyvon Branch and Paul Fanaika, they had to make a number of tough decisions to get under the salary cap.  As a result, they parted ways with notable contributors including Rodney Hudson, Dwayne Bowe, Kevin Vickerson and Joe Mays among others.  They also used the franchise tag on Justin Houston, who led the league last year with 22 sacks (second most in NFL history), and many are curious what the future holds for the elite pass rusher.

Where Are They Now? Natrone Means - Ricky Henne
Memories instantly flood back with visions of the bruising Bolt bowling over defenders, speeding past the opposition or soaring into the end zone.   To this day, his number 20 jersey is still proudly worn weekly by cheering fans at Qualcomm Stadium.