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BFTB After Dark: March 27, 2015

Hey, look! BFTB After Dark is back!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been abnormally quiet around BFTB in the last week or so. This is nobody fault, except possibly my own, but it is a sign that it's time to bring back everyone's favorite pointless daily post: BFTB After Dark.

For the uninformed, "BFTB After Dark" usually includes a sentence or two from me up here which could adequately be described as the ramblings of a mad man. Then I post a video from YouTube that I recommend, for one reason or another, which you see below. However, the real fun happens in the comments. There really is no limitations on what you can or can not talk about, topic-wise. We simply ask that you be respectful.

One of the most common questions to kick off After Dark is "What is everyone eating?" and/or "What is everyone drinking?" I am currently in Texas, which means I am drinking a lot of the local craft beer and eat a lot of the local brisket taco selection. For everything San Diego does right with food and beer, they are severely lacking when it comes to breakfast tacos and brisket tacos.

Fix that, San Diego. Preferably before I get back home on Sunday.