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San Diego Chargers awarded no compensatory draft picks

In a surprise to nobody that was paying attention, the San Diego Chargers received no compensatory draft picks.

Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL handed out 32 compensatory draft picks to 14 teams Monday. Predictably, the Chargers were not among them. San Diego did not lose many free agents relative to those that they signed, and that's the basis for awarding the compensatory picks.

The biggest free agents lost were backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and backup defensive lineman Cam Thomas. They combined to play 14 games. Performance is another factor of the system, so that did little to help San Diego.

Any pick or picks the Chargers might have gotten from losing those players were forfeited when they signed the likes of Kavell Conner, David Johnson, and Brandon Ghee.

The draft runs April 30 to May 2 in Chicago. The Chargers' first pick will be the 17th overall, and they'll have one each in the next five rounds. Their 7th round choice was shipped away in the Sean Lissemore trade two years ago.