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Andrew Gachkar signs with the Dallas Cowboys

The special teams ace is taking his talents to Dallas

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers chose not to retain another one of their own today. Inside linebacker Andrew Gachkar has agreed on a 2 year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Gachkar is a guy that I think most of us would agree deserves this. He's not going to blow you away with measurables, and he's an inconsistent tackler on defense. However, he's a hard worker, he plays to the whistle, and those type of players deserve to be rewarded. He made just as much effort plays on a per play basis probably just as much as anyone else on the team. Hopefully he gets a shot at more playing time with Dallas.

What this means for the Chargers is that they only have 3 inside linebackers on the team, after releasing Reggie Walker this offseason. Specifically, this hurts the special teams. Gachkar was tied for 2nd on the team in tackles and really showed his value their. The team will likely bring in another inside linebacker whether it's late in the draft or as free agency continues.