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It's Mission Valley or Bust for a San Diego NFL Stadium

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The Citizens Stadium Advisory Group hold a press conference in the shadow of Jack Murphy’s monument and lays out the way forward for the City of San Diego and the Chargers.

Qualcomm Stadium, during the 2013 Season Opener
Qualcomm Stadium, during the 2013 Season Opener
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just after 11:00 AM, the Citizens' Stadium Advisory Group (Stadium Group) held their press conference at Qualcomm Stadium to announce the decision to build a new stadium at the Qualcomm Site. First among the speakers was Stadium Group Chairman Adam Day, who spoke for several minutes about why the Stadium Group Unanimously selected the Mission Valley location.

Here are the essential bullet points, taken from the Stadium Group's Press Release.

  • Building at the Qualcomm Site saves $250 million dollars over the proposed downtown stadium site.
  • Mission Valley has 166 acres available for redevelopment, which creates opportunities for tax revenue.
  • Part of any proposed project would be to clean up and beautify the San Diego River Channel, with the intent of creating a park-like area.
  • The Mission Valley Site is transit-friendly, close to 3 freeways, has an existing Trolley station, and space for parking and tailgating.
  • Provides better access and potential future development opportunities for San Diego State University (SDSU).
  • The City already owns the Mission Valley site, and the site is already zoned for stadium use. Any downtown location would require extensive environmental review.
  • Avoids any potential delays (and cost increases) associated with the relocation of the MTS Bus Yard.
  • Avoids any potential scheduling conflicts between Chargers events and Convention Center events.

During his statement, Day also made the point that in discussions with Chargers Special Counsel Mark Fabiani, the Chargers were not opposed to working on a plan for Mission Valley.

"When we met with the Chargers in February, they described their position as neutral. We can only take them at their word." - Adam Day, at CSAG Press Conference 3/12/15.

Day also took a moment to make plain that he expected City government would be supportive of the forthcoming proposal, as opposed to the City Council's reluctance and former City Attorney Mark Aguirre threatening a lawsuit in the previous decade.

Following Day's statement, there were statements given by former Chargers' OLB Shawne Merriman, who said he didn't want to see the Chargers sharing a stadium in Carson "with that other team." Also speaking was a representative of the San Diego River Park Foundation, who spoke about the possibility of restoring the San Diego River as a park and hiking area, and a long-time Chargers' season ticket holder.

Marty Caswell of Mighty 1090 AM filmed the video showing Adam Day, followed by Shawne Merriman.

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Fabiani couldn't help but throw a little shade on the occasion, while being in Carson to help start the petition drive for the proposed Chargers/Raiders stadium proposal.

Although, Fabiani did later indicate the team would certainly review any proposal the city had to offer.

Maybe most importantly, Day made a very important statement about the financing plan that the Stadium Group intended to present in May. Day says the stadium group won't recommend a financing plan that requires 2/3 vote.

This is the single most important news of the day, and the one, which provides the most hope going forward.