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Should the Chargers trade for Kenny Stills?

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Making the case for the San Diego Chargers to trade a draft pick for New Orleans Saints WR Kenny Stills

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After betting on themselves a year ago and failing miserably, the New Orleans Saints are in cap hell and there are reports that they are shopping everyone, literally.

They have plenty of talented players, some that would be a little rich to trade for. Others, like wide receiver Kenny Stills, would be a perfect addition to the Chargers. When the report came out that they were specifically putting Stills on the block it just makes too much sense. Stills excelled on deep routes, whether from the slot or outside. He caught 64% of his targets over 20 yards, which is 10% better than anyone else in the NFL. He could replace Eddie Royal's production from the slot if need be, or give the team a much needed deep threat on the outside.

It's almost too perfect. He's a speedster, as his 4.38 40 yard dash shows. He still has 2 years left on his rookie contract so you get cheap for 2 more years. He's a San Diego native for those that are interested in that sort of thing. If the team reportedly was interested in acquiring Andre Johnson I believe they should do the same for Stills. One of my favorite stats of Stills is he caught 79% of his passes. Seventy. Nine. That's unheard of considering nearly 1/5 of his targets were over 20 yards. Here's how productive he's been as a vertical threat.

There's a play I remember where he made his man look silly out of the slot but Drew Brees overthrew him. This is just what I saw so there could be more of these "would be" touchdowns.

The question is, what is he worth giving up? In my opinion, he's worth a 3rd or a 4th. Just judging by what the Saints are doing, it looks like they're interested in future assets. Is stills worth a future 3rd or 4th? Without a doubt, yes, in my opinion. I think we sometimes overestimate the value of these picks, specfically when it comes to players that have already shown they can produce in the NFL. For every Keenan Allen in the 3rd round there are 15 Jonas Mouton's in the 2nd or Larry English's in the 1st.

I believe he's worth it, what do you think?